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Tire and Auto Part Services in Jersey Shore, PA

If any part of your car is giving you trouble, come to us to get your vehicle running as good as new. Get the best in tire and auto part services from All Round Tire Company in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania.
Changing Tires — State Inspections in Jersey Shore, PA

Tire Sales and Service

Count on us as the only tire professional and repair facility in the Jersey Shore area. Let us service and repair your current tires as needed, or purchase from a variety of used and new brands, including Cooper Tires®. When you have a flat tire, a vibration, or your tires are worn out, come to us to have your tires repaired or replaced. Be sure to read our informative tire pamphlets to know when you need tire replacement.

Front-End Alignments

Don't let your tires wear unevenly. Make an appointment to get replacements on ball joints and other front-end parts to keep your tires properly aligned. Our charge for alignments is $64.95. Take advantage of our brake and exhaust services as well.
Ball joint — State Inspections in Jersey Shore, PA
Mechanic changing wheel — State Inspections in Jersey Shore, PA

State Inspection and Emissions

Let us inspect your car to make sure it passes Pennsylvania's annual PA inspection and emission standards. Please call ahead to make an appointment for our services. Turnaround is approximately 30–45 minutes. Costs are $25 for an inspection, and $37.69 for emissions testing.

Roadside Tire Service

If your passenger vehicle, large truck, or large tractor gets stranded, take advantage of our 24-hour roadside service. Just give us your tire size and the directions to your location. Cost is $60 per hour during business hours, $80 per hour for after-hour service, and $100 per hour on Sundays and holidays.

If after-hour service is needed, call (570) 748-6965.
Tire — State Inspections in Jersey Shore, PA
Contact us today in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, to schedule an appointment for professional tire sales and service.